How much do Au Pairs cost?

There are many reasons for a family to consider hiring an International Nanny. One factor could be the cost of Au Pair. It may also be that they want to share their own culture or expose their children to the benefits of living and spending time with someone from another culture within their own home. But the one decisive factor for all families is: how much do International Nannies cost (the Au Pair Cost)?

How much do Au Pairs cost? - Guidelines to the costs involved

There are many guidelines in place regarding the cost of Au Pair, both at international level (such as those established in 1969 by the Council of Europe) and also amongst various nations at a national level. If the Au Pair is living with the host family, then the cost of Au Pair is limited to pocket money. However, one should keep in mind that this is not the only Au Pair cost as having an extra person in the household is not inexpensive and this cost should also be viewed as the cost of au pair.

How much do Au Pairs cost? - The actual cost of Au Pair

The Au Pair cost is relatively cheap in comparison to other forms of childcare. The Au Pair cost should however not be underestimated as an au pair is to be treated as a family, which means that an Au Pair should be invited to join in on all family events. An Au Pair will also be given their own bedroom in the family home and will eat all meals with the family which will add to the cost of Au Pair. In accordance with the guidelines put in place in by the Council of Europe in 1969, which are still adhered to, the Au Pair Cost is to be held in the same regard as any other family member. All these hidden Au Pair cost should be calculated beforehand so that there will be no surprises once the Au Pair arrives in the family home.