Searching for the perfect au pair USA?

Finding the perfect au pair America can be refreshingly easy and personal, thanks to the online platform Simply enter your location and all the criteria that the au pair in America should fulfil. Search for au pair and nannies America by age, home country, level of experience and much more, then vet au pair USA candidates personally via the web. Most important, using the website to contact an au pair USA is perfectly secure; recommendations and identity checks improve the transparency of the site, making it more trustworthy for families and au pair USA alike.

Official steps to hiring an au pair in America

Those who want to work as au pair in USA require a J-1 visa, which can only be obtained through one of 13 federally recognized au pair agencies. Once a family has contacted and selected the perfect au pair on, they must select an agency through which to submit the required paperwork. When selecting an agency to represent the family and au pair America, it is important to consider which have representatives in the nearby local area. The US State Department provides more details regarding visa application criteria and steps, which both families and hopeful au pair USA should read carefully before beginning the application process to become an au pair in America. Families should also be aware that there are often agency fees associated with hiring an au pair America.Find more information of the Au pair scheme in our help section.

Hosting an au pair in America – Accommodating and embracing cultural differences

Hosting an au pair in America can provide a young foreign person an opportunity of a lifetime, all while simultaneously providing a family with daily in-home support. Host parents should be prepared to help their au pair America as they would their own child, providing both emotional and cultural support when necessary. In addition to allowing for days off to explore the local culture, host families should also encourage that the au pair USA take language classes, which will greatly increase the comfort level of the au pair in America while naturally improving communication within the family. Families and their children can equally learn about a new culture from their au pair America, who can share his or her own experiences and cultural perspective.