Au Pairing during your gap year

Choosing to spend your gap year Au Pairing is definitely a decision you will never regret. Au Pairing will allow you to gain valuable experience overseas which will definitely be a great addition to your cv. The decision to spend a year Aupairing should not be taken lightly. While this will be an amazing cultural experience which you will treasure forever, Au Pairing should not be regarded as an extended holiday. You will have Aupairing duties and responsibilities which should be taken seriously. However, there will of course also be lots of time left over for you to have fun, explore the city and country you are Au Pairing in.

What does Aupairing involve?

The concept behind being an au pair girl is a cultural exchange. You will learn as much about the family and their culture as they will learn about you and your culture by being an Au Pair. Your Au Pair duties will mainly include helping out with the children and doing some light house work (usually related to the children). As a part of your au pair job responsabilities you will also be expected to attend language classes as learning a language is one of the main points of Au pairing. The family you are Aupairing will give you enough time off from being an Au Pair to allow you to fit the classes into your schedule.

How to prepare yourself for being an Au Pair

There are several ways in which you can prepare yourself for being an International Nanny. Brushing up on your language skills is probably the most important thing to do before being an Au Pair. You should also read about your host country and its culture. You will be working as au pair in UK, America or all around the world, so this will help you to avoid culture shock and home sickness while being an Au Pair.