Nanny Jobs

Nannies care for children in their own homes just like Au Pairs. Nannies, however, usually tend to make a career out of childcare (i.e. nanny jobs). Furthermore, a nanny job entails taking on all tasks related to the care of children. Nanny jobs are full time commitments that usually last for around 3 years. The relationship between Families and nannies is usually that of employers and employees. Nannies can also be older than Au Pairs, there is no specific age range. Although visa rules may differ once nannies are over a certain age. Families offering a nanny job, may also consider hiring an International Au Pair.

Nanny Job Description offers Au Pairs from all over the world, however, if you are interestely solely in nannies or a nanny job, you can find several listings for nannies on our partner portal Please be aware that in order to take on au pairs in london you must have the necessary childcare qualifications. A nanny job should not be viewed as a culture exchange or a gap year, but as a serious longer term job. Au Pair jobs usually entail spending a whole day with a child until they are put to bed. This means that a nanny job (or nanny jobs) usually entails working a 12 hour day. If a nanny job is not for you, perhaps you are more suited to becoming an Au Pair in France, america or in your desired country. Why not register for free on both and and find out more about nanny jobs available?

Further family support jobs

Your family care, childcare, pet services (pet sitters), household support (a cleaner), garden maintenance, elderly support, tuition help can be supported by our partner website which caters to the care needs of your family. If you are on the hunt for a nanny London, nanny Birmingham, nanny Birmingham, Nanny Glasgow, nanny Liverpool, nanny Belfast why not test